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Blockages and problems inside drain and sewer lines can be a real hassle. In addition to being difficult to remove, they’re also extremely difficult to find. It’s not like you can simply open a pipe up and take a peek inside—pipes are sealed, long, and their interior is largely hidden from view. In the past, that meant that many plumbing problems were simply diagnosed using educated guesswork. Today, that doesn’t have to be the case thanks to a tool known as a plumbing line camera. At Able Plumbing Inc., we proudly offer high-quality video inspections for your plumbing lines, allowing us to accurately and quickly diagnose your issue so you can be confident your problem will be resolved.

Able Plumbing Inc. takes pride in being the name you can turn to for high-quality plumbing solutions, including video inspections and diagnostic services. Our plumbing cameras are modern and advanced, allowing us to inspect problems in all types of lines. From your main sewer line to small drain lines like your kitchen or a bathroom sink drain, we can use our powerful tools to get a high-definition picture of exactly what’s going on in your drains, even when they’re incredibly dark and narrow. This allows us to offer you the right solution to your problem, and to make sure that the job is done fully and completely each and every time. When you demand total peace of mind, there really is no better choice than to trust our team of League City video inspection experts. In addition we also provide expert business and commercial plumbing services!

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How a Video Inspection Works

A video inspection is an extremely simple and fast process that can usually be completed in less than an hour or so, depending on your problem. During your inspection, your plumber will feed a specialized tool down into your drain, either through the drain itself or possibly through a cleanout access port located close to where your issue is. This specialized tool is actually a small, waterproof camera and bright light located on the end of a flexible tube that can often be over 100 feet long. Inside that tube is the wires and cables needed to provide power to the light and camera as well as send the images captured back to your plumber.

From there, the image appears on a small monitor that you and your plumber can see. Sophisticated sensors will tell your plumber how far into a drain line the camera is so they can quickly and accurately locate where your problem is as well as determine what it is.

Video camera inspections can detect a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Hair clogs
  • Food-related blockages
  • Tree root obstructions
  • Collapsed lines
  • Corroded lines
  • Improper slope or ponding
  • Warping or pipe deformation

Routine Inspection Services

As professional plumbers, we have seen what can happen when you don’t take the time to properly inspect your sewer line periodically. A damaged sewer line can be a disaster, spilling raw sewage out into your property that can be extremely dangerous (as well as extremely odorous). If your sewer line is more than 10 years old, we advise having a professional plumbing technician conduct a camera inspection every two years or so to make sure your sewer line is in good condition. This will allow you to catch any potential issues and solve them early, and to keep an eye out for signs of significant wear and tear that may result in the need for a total sewer line replacement. Make sure to take a look at our glowing reviews.

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