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Note: Gas line leaks are a serious emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. Extended exposure to natural gas could cause serious illness or injury. If you smell gas in your home and cannot identify the source, get everyone outside and leave your home immediately. Then call 911 to report the leak and your utility provider to have the issue addressed right away.

Much like your water lines bring the cold and warm water throughout your home to where you need it, gas lines bring natural gas to the appliances and devices that use it for heat and energy. While these lines are not as common as your water lines and run to fewer places, they are still integral to your day to day life, as they enable things you rely on to do what they do. It’s not uncommon for your water heater, your furnace, your oven/range, and plenty of other appliances to run on gas as well.

However, gas line problems could be extremely serious. Natural gas could be toxic if ingested in large quantities, and sometimes a small, slow gas leak could make it hard to detect that you have a problem. That’s why your lines need to be intact and functional, and why you should call Able Plumbing Inc. right away if you suspect you might have an issue. Our team will come to you, work quickly to detect whether you have a leak or not, and figure out where it is if you do. We use the latest tools and treat your home or business with the urgency it deserves so you can have total and complete peace of mind. When you put your home in the hands of our League City gas line repair experts, you can rest assured your gas line issues will be handled properly and that you’ll be able to go about your life with confidence in your gas plumbing system. We also provide expert commercial plumbing as well as general residential plumbing.

Got a problem with your gas lines? Able Plumbing Inc. is here to help! If you have a problem, give us a call today at (281) 789-6895 and get the help you need right away!

Comprehensive Gas Line Leak Detection

One of the most unique and difficult challenges with gas lines is that unlike water leaks that can show physical signs of damage, natural gas is exactly as its name implies: a gas. It doesn’t leave a trail of water damage in its wake, and that means it can be extremely difficult to locate where a leak might be. When you smell gas in your home, it’s crucial you have a professional come to find the leak for you so you can be certain it’s resolved completely. Our League City gas line repair team offers high-quality gas line leak detection services that locate where your problem is and allow our team to fix it as soon as possible.

Our Leak Detection Covers:

  • Gas lines
  • Line joints
  • Appliance connections
  • Meter leaks

Damaged gas lines require professional repairs to make sure they’re properly sealed. A simple patch with duct tape or glue won’t get the job done—the adhesive won’t form an air-tight seal, and that means the issue won’t be resolved. At Able Plumbing Inc., we hold all of our gas line repairs to the highest standards of quality for your complete peace of mind and total satisfaction. We aren’t satisfied until your gas system is leak-free, durable, and reliable once again. We work with all types of gas lines, including copper lines, plastic-based lines, and more. We even service fixtures and connections so your system is safe even at its most vulnerable points. Take a look at our reviews!

For high-quality gas line services, contact Able Plumbing Inc. We offer 24/7 availability for emergency assistance as well!

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