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Clogged drains are a fact of life. Whether you own a home or a business, you’ll inevitably have to deal with some sort of blockage or obstruction that slows or stops your drain or sewer line entirely at some point. In fact, blockages in these lines are not that uncommon at all—depending on the size of your home or business, you may need to take care of a blockage once a year or more.

No matter what’s causing your blockage or where the blockage is, the team at Able Plumbing Inc. can get your drains moving again with high-quality drain cleaning and clog removal services. Using premium materials and the latest tools, we make sure your blockage is cleared away for good so you can go back to using your plumbing and living your life as usual.

Able Plumbing Inc. has always taken pride in going above and beyond to deliver the best plumbing solutions available. When your drains are slow or stopped, we’ll make sure they get moving again quickly. All of our solutions are designed with your satisfaction in mind and focus on making sure that your blockage is removed entirely and that your plumbing lines remain safe and in good condition. That means a longer-lasting, cleaner drain and less frustration for you and those you share your home or business with.

For top-notch drain cleaning in League City, call Able Plumbing Inc. at (281) 789-6895 and schedule your service today!

Signs Your Drains Need Professional Cleaning

Your drain isn't something you think of on a day to day basis. But, when you notice that your toilet is overflowing or you are standing in ankle deep water while showering, it can be a terrible inconvenience. Below we have 3 signs to be on the look out for in order to avoid this nightmare scenario.

  • Slow Drains -
    Has your sink drain started to drain much slower than normal? It could be for a myriad of reasons, some common causes could be, soap scum, food grease or even hair that has clogged up your sink or shower drain.
  • Gurgling Sounds -
    Strange noises coming out of your toilet or drain is a sign that their is a clog somewhere in your drainage system. The gurgling noises are pockets of air being released from your pipes as your flush your toilet
  • Multiple Clogged Drains -
    Multiple clogs within your home isn't something you should ignore. If your drains are cleaning in various areas of your home, you could have a major main sewer clog. Be sure to call us immediately if you notice this.

Advanced Drain Cleaning Techniques

Able Plumbing Inc. uses a wide selection of modern tools and solutions for taking care of your drain problem. While drains are not a new problem, the tools we utilize to take care of them are modern and have been proven effective time and time again. This allows us to tackle your clog or blockage with confidence, no matter how tough the clog or where it’s located. When you need help, our team will be there for you and make sure your drains and sewer line get moving again as soon as possible.

Our team is trained to use all of the following drain cleaning and clog removal methods:

  • Snaking: Snaking uses a specialized tool to reach down into your drain and collect a clog so it can be easily and safely removed. This method is great for small drain lines, including bathroom drains that may have large hair and soap scum clogs.
  • Rooter services: Rooter services are designed to tackle tree roots and other large obstructions in your main sewer or drain lines. Tree roots can grow like wildfire in a sewer line, quickly filling up and obstructing the entire pipe before you even realize what’s wrong. This service is generally more extensive, but takes care of the issue for good.
  • Jetting: Jetting uses the power of water under high pressure to remove just about any type of obstruction from nearly any drain line or even your main sewer line. This method also removes scale from lines, meaning it keeps them cleaner and prevents clogs from reforming for longer.

DIY Tips for Unclogging Your Sewer Line

Unclogging a sewer line can be a complex and potentially messy task. It's important to note that some sewer line issues might require professional assistance. Here are some steps you can consider:

  1. Assessment: Identify the clog's location and wear safety gear.
  2. Plunger: Use a suitable plunger vigorously to dislodge the clog.
  3. Boiling Water: Pour boiling water down the drain to break up debris.
  4. Mechanical Snaking: Use a drain auger to break up obstructions.
  5. Hydrojetting: Rent a hydrojetting machine for high-pressure cleaning.
  6. Enzyme-Based Cleaners: Use safer cleaners to break down organic matter.
  7. Baking Soda, Vinegar: Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar to dissolve greasy deposits.

Using state-of-the-art technology ensures minimal disruption to your day to day life, a faster repair, and a drain that’s cleaner than ever before. We’re flexible with our services, and we always take our time and use the information available to us through our video camera inspections and our extensive training to make sure your drain clog problem is resolved properly the first time. We’re even available to help your business as well as provide 24/7 service, so you can get your drains moving again right away, even if that happens to be at night or over a weekend. Make sure you check out our reviews!

Don’t let a blocked drain keep you down; contact Able Plumbing Inc. and let us get your drains moving again!

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